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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Explore the museum's treasures...

...with one of our illustrated trails. Created for adults, families and children each themed trail takes you on a journey of discovery, from the emergence of Buddhism to the rise in popularity of tea drinking. Each object tells a story and there are thousands of stories to be heard. 

Trails are free to download and print, or can be saved onto your phone or tablet. We suggest printing them out for the best experience. A limited selection of trails are available on request for free from reception.

Colour: Art, Science & Power Family Trail

What does colour mean to you?

Inspired by our current exhibition Colour: Art, Power & Science, explore the many wonderful colours around the museum in our new Colour Family Trail.

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Explore and Draw

Explore and draw at MAA.

Take a journey through the museum to find the objects listed, and make your own masterpiece!

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Overlooked Treasures

Created to celebrate the University of Cambridge's Summer with the Museums and suitable for families and young children, our Overlooked Treasures trail highlights objects that can easily be overlooked amongst our stunning collections. Don't forget to pick up a pencil and clipboard as there are challenges to complete along the way!

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Confronting Cultures: the complexity of the world around us

'Confronting Cultures' is about looking at different cultures around the world through objects that defy easy categorisation and understanding. Use this trail to find some of the less understood objects on display.

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Tea at the MAA

The British drink 100 million cups of tea each day, but where does tea come from and how did it spread around the world? Its growth can be boiled down to three main factors: Buddhism, trade and colonialism.

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Today, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. Explore Buddhism throughout time and across the world with this gallery trail. 

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Top 9 Trails 

Can you find our pick of the best objects in the Museum? Click the link below to download the trail, and get hunting!

This trail is available in six languages.

Think we missed something? Let us know your favourite object by tagging #MAACambridge on social media.


PDF icon Museum top 9 (English)

PDF icon Los 9 objetos más curiosos del museo (Español)

PDF icon 博物館前十大展品 (繁體中文​)

PDF icon 博物馆“十最” (简体中文)

PDF icon Top 9 del museo (Italiano)

PDF icon Top 9 do museu (Português)

Trails for Children

Designed for our younger visitors, these trails include fun, creative activities to explore either Bronze Age pottery in Britain, or masks and headdresses from across the world. Print them off either as part of a visit or for an afternoon at home.

British Bronze Age Pottery

Did you know that people started making pottery around 8000 years ago? Explore the pottery of the Bronze Age through a series of fun activities. 

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Mask Trail - 1

Explore masks and headdresses from around the world, and design your own! 

Trail 1 includes objects from England, Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea, and Guatemala.

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Mask Trail - 2

Explore masks and headdresses from around the world, and design your own!

Trail 2 includes objects from Myanmar, Vanuatu, Japan, and Benin.

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Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.