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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


"I've chosen this image as it links to my Zeitgeist project about education and portrait as, just as I want to do, it has isolated their subject, and I am wanting them to express tons of emotion.

I really like the simplism in it, there is no thing the isolation in this image stops the viewer from getting distracted and allows you to properly analyze the emotion shown by her. It also allows you to notice that her head has been shaved and makes you ponder why."

Photograph of a child, Nilgiri Hills, South India, 1902. Rivers Collection, MAA Cambridge. MAA LS.100476.WHR

Final image

"This is my final image in response to the image found on the MAA archive... I feel that this image conveys the same emotion as the other image and I feel that the post represents the same as the white cloth in the original image."


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Photograph by Connor Tungate, 23 March 2022

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