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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology




   The Museum, as home to two

    million years of human history,

    one million objects, and countless

    astonishing stories, can provide

    a unique and memorable backdrop

    to events of all kinds.





We can accommodate events involving up to 350 guests across three floors, in galleries displaying our world-renowned collections. The museum is able to host wine and canapé receptions, live musical performances, meetings and a range of other private events.

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Spaces Available:


Clarke Hall


     The Clarke Hall highlights 1,200 objects in the museum’s

     collection of local archaeological material.

      It is the only display of its kind in the city and has objects

      ranging from prehistory to the 20th century, truly bringing

      the region to life.

      It is perfect for showing your guests the history of

      our beautiful city.




You can see:

  • The Cambridge Archaeology Wall, a 3.75m-wide, three-layer display showing prehistoric, Roman and medieval finds and their location on a map of the city
  • The famous Arbury Coffin, containing the bones of a woman, a shrew and a mouse thought to date from the fourth century AD, which inspired the Sylvia Plath poem ‘All the Dead Dears’

Ideal for:

  • Intimate wine and canapé receptions
  • Private showings of our temporary exhibitions

Technical Information:

  • Located on the ground floor
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Size – 240m2
  • Capacity – 120 guests



Maudslay Hall



    On the first floor, the Maudslay Hall houses the Museum’s

    principal Anthropology collection, displaying culturally   

    significant art and artefacts from around the world.

    The vast array of objects will create talking points

    for even the most shy of guests.





You can see:

  • The 14m high totem pole
  • A 26-foot-high (8-metre) intricately carved Maori flagpole, fully restored in 2008
  • Unique objects from Oceania, North America and the Arctic collected on the voyages of Captain Cook

Ideal for:

  • Wine and canapé receptions
  • Musical performances
  • Presentations
  • Combining with the Andrews Gallery for larger events

Technical Information:

  • Located on the first floor
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Size – 240m2
  • Capacity – 150 guests



Andrews Gallery




    On the second floor, the Andrews Gallery is dedicated

    to world archaeology.

    The displays house some of the oldest objects at MAA.






You can see:

  • Moche pottery
  • Objects from ancient Egypt, China, Europe and the Middle East
  • Casts of Maya stelae

Ideal for:

  • Wine and canapé receptions
  • Combining with the Maudslay Gallery for larger events

Technical Information:

  • Located on the second floor
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Size – 180m2
  • Capacity – 120 guests



Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.