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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Loans from the collections for exhibition or research

MAA has for many years lent artefacts for displays, exhibitions and scientific analysis, short and long-term, nationally and internationally. Over 2019-23, Museum staff will be engaged in the largest collections move in MAA’s history, which will encompass ambitious documentation, provenance research, online access, conservation and public engagement projects alongside the physical move to a new collections study centre. Over this period, the loans programme will be suspended, with limited and specific exceptions: we remain open to requests from museums associated with source communities and/or from nations of origin; and will also consider loans (particularly of local archaeological finds) to museums in the East of England.

It has been our standard policy that requests should be submitted a minimum of twelve months ahead of the intended exhibition opening date. However, we encourage colleagues to contact us earlier, wherever possible.

Inquiries should be addressed to:

Nicholas Thomas


We are currently experiencing issues with the email contact links across our website. Should you wish to contact us please email

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