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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Explore the hats and headdresses in the Northcote W. Thomas collection. Click on each image to explore it further, including for different views of each object. 


Use the drop down menu below to browse objects from each town or region.

Town - Agbede

Round cap

Object number: Z 11872

Description: Round cap of plaited cord.

Cultural sub-group: Aviele

Town: Agbede

Measurements: 21 cm long, 16 cm wide, 11.5 cm high

Town - Ijeba/Kukuruku/Uzebba

Chief's hat

Object number: Z 12588

Description: Chief's hat wih owowa feathers.

Cultural sub-group: Yekhee

Town: Ijeba/Kukuruku/Uzebba

Measurements: 46 cm wide, 33 cm high

Town - Okpe

Leather cap

Object number: Z 13114

Description: Leather farm hat ornamented with geometric shapes.

Cultural sub-group: Okpe

Town: Okpe

Measurements: 26 cm wide, 18 cm high

Town - Ovbiomu


Object number: Z 11713

Description: Brown war hat in woven cloth, ornamented with cowrie shells (ixumokio). 

Cultural sub-group: Afuze

Town: Ovbiomu

Measurements: 22 cm wide, 13 cm high