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"My zeitgeist project is health and fashion, specifically the way eating disorders are represneted in the fashion industry. Plus size models are classed as size 8 and up. I chose this particular image because of the dresses and composition of the image. More importantly the information that was supplied with the image, especially the way Evans spoke about the women, made me think the items of clothing are more important than the models who wear them."

Malaya. Malay woman. Penang, Malaysia. Two women sitting. 1900 - 1930, Evans Collection, MAA LS.12922.EVN

"The way in which Evans spoke about the women in the description shows the way in which he percieves the Malay women. He says he did not find the women 'brainy'. He also talks about the women's looks, saying they have "beautiful hands, arms, shoulders and bust, but below the waist line they often are not up to the mark, for legs are apt to be too short and too thick, anckles ditto, and flat feet are not uncommon." These comments are very stereotypical and demoralising."

Final image

Two Women Sitting

Cambridge, England, 14 March 2022

Photography by Martina Sanzeri

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