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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


We are fully booked for group visits for July and August. If you would like to book a group (of 10 or more people) to visit after the 5th September, please see below.


The Museum welcomes visiting groups of all kinds, whether from schools, universities and other educational institutions or clubs, societies and special interest groups.

Please book your group visit in advance. Any group (over 10 people) wanting to visit the Museum, apart from school groups wishing to book a faciliated visit, should contact us on with the following information:

  • requested date and time of your visit

  • number and age range of under 18s

  • number of adults accompanying the group (ratio of adults to students should be 1:10)

  • name of school/organisation and telephone number

  • name of group leader

  • a contact telephone number which can be used on the day of the visit

We will not be able to book the visit without all of this information. Please note that group visit is booked only once you receive a confirmation email from the museum.


Self-directed group visits made during normal opening hours (10:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday and 12.00 to 5.00pm on Sunday) are free of charge.

The Museum relies on the generous support of our many friends, donors and volunteers, so donations are welcome.

Group size

The maximum group size allowed in the Museum at any one time is 60. We do ask that large groups split into smaller groups to move around the museum.

If you are intending to visit with a larger group, there are a number of other University Museums nearby with which you could combine your visit. The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is also on Downing Street just a few hundred metres away, while the Museum of Zoology and the Whipple Museum of the History of Science are within a few minutes walk.

English as a Foreign Language groups

The Museum provides an excellent cultural experience for those learning English. With its combination of archaeological and anthropological objects from around the world, there is something to interest and inspire all visitors irrespective of language ability.

School groups

Take advantage of cross-curricular taught sessions designed to bring your subject to life through object handling, sensory trails and gallery based discussions. Please see the Schools section for more information about our taught sessions and how to book.

Special interest groups

The Museum welcomes organised visits from special interest groups during normal opening hours. Recent visitors have included the Monumental Brass Society, Cambridgeshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and the Embroiderers’ Guild. Please book your visit as above.


Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.