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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Explore the showcase of BA Photography students from Anglia Ruskin University responding to MAA's photographic collections, creating a new artwork inspired by the archives.

Students took part in two sessions with Dr Jocelyne Dudding to explore MAA's photographic collections, looking at different genres and their visual narratives. As an outcome, they produced their own works, which they presented as part of their final coursework. The project was supported by MAA, as a way of increasing access to younger audiences.

The students worked towards a Zeitgeist project, which asked them to look at current themes, emphasising Covid-related subjects and how it affected them. The works produced ranged from portraiture studies, to landscapes, and more.

Course conveners: Loren McCarthy and Dr Julia Johnson

Explore students' works:

Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.