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"I have decided to respond to this image because I am focusing on how women are portrayed. This women is clothed head to toe, and I will respond to this image by portraying how women dress and how they are presented in 2022."

Seated studio portrait of Mrs. Waterman, an English woman and Alfred Court Haddon's maternam grandmother. Circa 1860-1870, Bristol, England. MAA P.141844

"What makes this image interesting to me is how different women were in the 1800s, not only fashion wise but also their placement in society. In this era women were unable to vote, and were usually working as maids, cooking and cleaning etc."

Final image

"This is my response to the image taken of Mrs Waterman. I decided to locate the shoot outside to portray the difference between how women were represented in society in the 1800s-1900s vs current day... I decided to dress the model in a gown similarly to the image of Mrs Waterman to represent femininity, and how feminism and femininity is something to celebrate."

Lady in Red

Great Dunmow, England, United Kingdom

Photograph of Olivia Jacobs by Eden Brook, 18 March 2022

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