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Erin's project – Still life and Health
[Erin's text has been editted by Dr Jocelyne Dudding, MAA]

Having a growing interest in healthy foods during lockdown, Erin was interested in how people see foods different - for what is a delicacy and feast for one person or group is distasteful or unhealthy to others.  Erin was also interested in how in Cambridge we have become ignorant and distanced from food production, particularly in regard to meat.

Erin wished to explore now we’ve become quite blasé towards our luxuries as with supermarkets we don’t really have to work hard for things anymore - whereas many people in the world will need to eat what they can to survive.

Erin chose a series of photographs of Tallensi hunting an antelope in Northeast Ghana, which as a vegetarian, she found uncomfortable.  Her response was to photograph blue cheese, a luxury food for her, but one she recognised could be distasteful as well as dangerous (due to the penicillin used in its production) to others. 




Final image

Title: ‘Food of modern time’

Description:  A block of blue cheese displayed out to give a gourmet, fancy and modern appeal. Showing the use of plastic wrapping to signify a more modern style of food with rich luxurious colours and textures, complimented by a black background.

Place: Cambridge UK

Photographer: Becky Howard

Date: March 21st 2022

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