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"The Zeitgeist topic that I have chosen is Politics and Documentary, with a specific focus on surveillance culture. Whilst this piece takes more of a creative approach to commenting on surveillance culture, than documentary photography would, I thin kthe way in which it has successfully done so is inspiring, mainly in the fact that in this piece they have clearly shown the growing use of technolgy as a negative thing.

The structure itself is grotesque and almost reminds me of the animatronics seen in abandoned theme park rides, therefore as a viewer you can infer that the artist doesn't agree with the growing use of surveillance and is suggesting that it is infringing on our everyday lives."

Image form the archive

'The Head of the Blue Chip II'

"This is a photograph from an installation in which a human head and shoulders can be seen with a digital camera eye where the images are shown on a screen on the side of the head. The name then comes from where the head is connected to three rectangular glass bases whose surfaces appear like circuit boards, along with a DVD player.

The artwork was created as a comment on the way in which human development is changing more and more to a machine state with economically stable companies able to profit despite the unstable economic conditions."

'The Head of the Blue Chip II' by Dianne Harris, 2009. MAA 2011.139 A-D

Final image


Questionable Scrutiny

Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

Photo by Brooke Tasker, February 2022

"A photograph centralizing a prominent, moving surveillance camera located in an infamous council estate within the local area. Questioning whether the placing is in the publics best interest or disinterest, with a further touch upon the uprising use of surveillance technologies."


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