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"This is an interesting image, I'm not too sure what the boxes are signifying. I'm also unsure why the use of a double exposure has been employed. This image can only be related to one of my topics, wealth."

'Zulu Warrior' by Dave Lewis, 1995. Image of a contemporary Zulu warrior superimposed on drawers of lantern slides used for teaching and research in the Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology between 1880 and 1950. MAA P.109468.LDW © Dave Lewis

"I really like how this image is laid out and what I mean by this is the somewhat symmetricality of the photo. The way that the two different genders are displayed with the two styles of headdresses, also incorporated are the two different fashion styles which help to document this culture."

Photograph of two people from the Chulikata Mishmi tribe, Assam, north India, made by Benjamin Simpson, pre 1872. Teaching Slide Collection, MAA LS 130884.TC1

Final image

"This portrait was inspired by the image that was created by Dr Ben Simpson. I found his image because of its simplistic nature, I also really enjoyed his placement of the subjects showing off their fashion and status."

Portrait of Alex Tiffin

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Photo by Cameron David Christopher Licence, 22 March 2022

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