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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


"This project is really meant to showcase the two juxtaposing forces that is Manmade and Nature, by having Manmade be represented by the fish nets and other ocean debris, and Nature being the fact it has been sculpted into the shape of a turtle.

It is meant to be making a commentary on the damage we are doing to our oceans with the trash and oil we are constantly dumping into it, and also how it is affecting the wildlife that calls the Ocean its home."

Ghost net sculpture 'Bee Dee' made by Florence Gutchen, 2016. Made from blue, green, yellow, black and white reclaimed plastic fishing nets. 21st century. MAA 2017.55

Final image

Littered Plastic Robin sculpture 'Fletch'

Melbourn, Hertfordshire, England, 27 March 2022

Photograph by Kai Hocknell

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