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The Museum's catalogues include historic descriptions and representations that are factually inaccurate, racist and otherwise inappropriate. We are committed to the work of addressing hurtful legacies in the collections we care for. We ask for your help in identifying images or data that cause offence or harm, and we welcome your feedback or suggestions which can be sent to

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‘Biting the Doctor’s Arm’ by Mathias Kauage, 1990. This artwork portrays the artist’s own resistance to having an injection while a child in Papua New Guinea.

‘Biting the Doctor’s Arm’ by Mathias Kauage, 1990. MAA 2010.364

This artwork portrays the artist’s own resistance to having an injection while a child in Papua New Guinea, as well as the encounter between colonial Australian medics and Melanesian children.

Kauage was one of Papua New Guinea’s first internationally famous artists.


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