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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Stephanie de Roemer is the University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) conservator for Objects. With a BSc in Conservation and Restoration of Surface Decorations and an MA in Conservation of Historic Objects, Stephanie supports the wider collections care, exhibitions and loans of the MAA in the technical and practical care of objects and collections.

Stephanie trained in the conservation and preservation of waterlogged organic archaeological structures and inorganic artefacts from marine archaeological sites and carried out scientific research on the effects of contaminants in burial environments post excavation informing long-term conservation considerations of waterlogged archaeological heritage, such as the ‘Mary Rose’ shipwreck.

Prior to her role as UCM Conservator for Objects, Stephanie worked as conservator for Sculpture and Installation Art at the Glasgow Museums in Scotland.

She developed documentation and storage strategies for ephemeral and performative sculpture and installations and prepared collections of Ancient Civilisations, Medieval and Renaissance Art for the re-display of the Burrell Collection in March 2022.

A member of the International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC), Stephanie currently serves on the ICOM-CC Directory Board, advocating for conservation.

Her interest lies in exploring conservation as a shared and communal practice for museums to inspire social and environmentally sustainable development.

UCM Conservator for Objects
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