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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Jonathan King is a visual anthropologist, who completed nearly 40 years at the British Museum, leaving in 2012 as Keeper of Anthropology. While he was in London the old Department of Ethnography settled into its new designation as the Department of Africa Oceania and the Americas, and readied itself from 2007 for expansion due for completion after 2014. Programmes in Africa, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Melanesia, Mexico, Peru and the West Indies grew appropriately, while Mr. King was able continued to work in Native North America. He oversaw the return of articles from the British Museum, on loan to the Canadian Kwakwaka’wakww in 2005, and later permanently of human remains to Australia and New Zealand. As first von Hȕgel Fellow at MAA he is working on the Arctic collections from Nunavut, and also completing writing projects about museums, the history of galleries and exhibitions, and an introduction to Native North America.


Key publications: 


1981. Artificial Curiosities from the Northwest Coast of America. British Museum Publications.

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2012. Turquoise. History Science and Culture in Mexico and North America. With C. Cartwright et al. London: Archetype for the Trustees of the British Museum.

Von Hügel Fellow
Not available for consultancy