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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Dr Anita Herle: Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Anita Herle (BA, M.Phil, PhD, FRAI) was the Senior Curator and Reader in Museum Anthropology. She oversaw Pacific, Americas and photographic collections at MAA and has regional interests in Torres Strait, Vanuatu, Fiji and Canada. She teaches for the MPhil in Social Anthropology and Museums, lectures in the anthropology of art and visual media, and supervises MPhil and doctoral students.

Her research is concerned with a range of ethnographic, disciplinary and colonial contexts for MAA’s collections and their many contemporary resonances. Within the history of British anthropology, she has explored the intersection between different knowledge systems, the complex relations that develop in the anthropological field and the potency of objects and photographs in relational encounters. For over twenty years she has worked to make collections accessible to communities of origin. Much of her research has focused on the production of collaborative exhibitions.

Dr Herle has completed a long-term project with Dr Jude Philp (University of Sydney) to publish Alfred Haddon’s Journals from his expeditions to the Torres Strait in 1888 and 1898 in consultation and collaboration with Islander communities and descendants of the people with whom Haddon worked. She also led a multidisciplinary project on COLOUR, culminating in an exhibition at MAA in mid 2022.


Key publications: 

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Senior Curator in Anthropology
A colour photograph of Anita Herle, Curator of Anthropology at MAA
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