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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

'Spotlight on Stores Move' text, overlaying a photograph of the new Centre for Material Culture, a concrete building with green ivy growing across it.


26 July - April 2023
Spotlight Gallery, Ground Floor

Spotlight on Stores Move: the exhibition

The members of the Stores Move team have chosen the objects in these cases to represent the different ways in which they interact with and care for the collections. Although our engagements with objects are structured by the requirement of a highly ambitious project, they are also intensely individual.

The team have different specialisms and passions but are united by the desire to give these collections the visibility and care that they deserve. We hope that these objects will be the first of many to be exhibited, explored and enjoyed as a result of our work.

The MAA Stores Move Project

The Stores Move project (2020-2025) aims to move over 250,000 objects from the current off-site stores to the new Centre for Material Culture. Here, they will be safely housed in the historic Cambridge Nuclear Bunker.

Operating to tight timescales, the Stores Move team update catalogue descriptions and other documentation, restore mistaken identities, photograph each object, and pack them all safely for transport. If we can pull it off, hundreds of thousands of objects will be both physically and digitally accessible, many of them for the first time.

Explore the objects


A Maker's Name

Chosen by Annie Tomkins

Come in for a Closer Look...

Chosen by Emily Shorter

88 Body Stamps in 480 Minutes

Chosen by Sam Daisley

There's a Hole in my Bucket

Chosen by Lily Stancliffe

Setting sail to a new store

Chosen by Jane Pettitt

Death-defying Chickpeas

Chosen by Louise Puckett

Pitch Perfect

Chosen by Eleanor Beestin-Sheriff

No time to waste

Chosen by Veronika Lorenser

A ball of curiosity

Chosen by Lizzy Peneycad

Tail of two halves

Chosen by Katrina Dring

Scarred gourd

Chosen by Lucie Carreau

Pay No Attention to This Label

Chosen by Imogen Gunn

Where you go, I go

Chosen by Ayesha Fuentes

A piece of home in Cambridge

Chosen by Milenko Noguera-Basic

Misplaced Identities

Chosen by Mark Elliott

Get my Good Side

Chosen by the Stores Move Team


Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.