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    Detail of a horned animal head at the top of a firedog. Iron Age.

    Stanfordbury, Bedfordshire, England. MAA 1883.765.II.3 A.

    Photography by Josh Murfitt.









A new exhibition focusing on feasting in the Iron Age opens this month in the Spotlight Gallery.

Discover how communal eating during the first century AD played a huge role in the lives of Iron Age people. Drawing on local collections from East Anglia, this Spotlight exhibition highlights how feasts were an important activity used to celebrate events such as religious festivals or used as a way to simply show off. Not only reserved for the living, grave goods on display demonstrate how the dead also took part in feasting activities.

Feast! is part of a wider programme of activities looking at our relationship with food taking place in the University of Cambridge museums. The Fitzwilliam Museum will present novel approaches to understanding the history and culture of food and eating through their upcoming exhibition Feast & Fast: The Art of Food in Europe (1500-1800) which opens on Tuesday 26th November 2019.

Feast will close on Sunday 3 May 2020

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