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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Solomon Booth with a Torres Strait Islander turtle-shell mask and warup drum
collected by Alfred Haddon in 1888 and 1898. 


MAA hosted two visitors in November who were recipients of Australia’s ACCELLERATE programme for 2013-2014. The programme offers intensive leadership training and support to five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working in the creative arts. It culminates in a professional development trip to the UK, with support from the British Council, in which participants meet and intern with some of the UK’s most important arts organisations.

The visitors came to meet with members of MAA’s staff and conduct research on the Museum’s collections. Kimberley Moulton is the Curator and Project Manager at the Birrarung Gallery Melbourne Museum. Visual Artist Solomon Booth from Kubin Village on Moa Island is Chairman of the Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre and Chairman of the Indigenous Art Centre Alliance.


Two million years of human history. One million artefacts. Countless astonishing stories.