MAA Annual Reports

The Annual Reports for the years 1885-2005  are listed in date order.  The file name, eg “AR1886 2nd” , indicates it is the second report produced and it is for the year 1886. Please be aware that these reports are in pdf format and are quite large, ranging from 2mb to 5mb.

These are mostly pdf format documents, for a free ‘pdf’ reader pleases go to Adobe Reader

AR1886 2nd
AR1887 3rd
AR1888 4th
AR1889 5th
AR1890 6th
AR1891-92 7th-8th
AR1893 9th

AR1894 10th
AR1895 11th
AR1896 12th
AR1897 13th
AR1898 14th
AR1899 15th
AR1900 16th
AR1901 17th
AR1902 18th
AR1903 19th
AR1904 20th
AR1905 21st
AR1906 22nd

AR1906 New Museum Appeal

AR1907 23rd
AR1908 24th
AR1909 25th
AR1910 26th
AR1911 27th
AR1912 28th
AR1913 29th
AR1914 30th
AR1915 31st
AR1916 32nd
AR1917 33rd
AR1918 34th
AR1919 35th
AR1920 36th
AR1921 37th
AR1922 38th
AR1923 39th
AR1924 40th
AR1925 41st
AR1926 42nd
AR1927 43rd
AR1928 44th
AR1928 44th
AR1929 45th
AR1930 46th
AR1931 47th
AR1932 48th
AR1933 49th
AR1934 50th
AR1935 51st
AR1937 53rd
AR1938 54th

AR1939-46 55th 62nd

AR1948-9 65th
AR1949-50 66th
AR1950-1 67th
AR1951-2 68th
AR1952-3 69th
AR1953-4 70th
AR1954-5 71st
AR1955-6 72nd
AR1956-7 73rd
AR1957-8 74th
AR1958-9 75th
AR1959-60 76th
AR1960-1 77th
AR1961-2 78th
AR1962-3 79th
AR1963-4 80th
AR1964-5 81st
AR1965-6 82nd
AR1966-7 83rd
AR1967-8 84th
AR1968-9 85th
AR1969-70 86th
AR1970-1 87th
AR1971-2 88th
AR1972-3 89th
AR1973-4 90th
AR1974-5 91st
AR1975-6 92nd
AR1976-7 93rd
AR1977-8 94th
AR1978-9 95th
AR1979-80 96th
AR1980-1 97th
AR1981-2 98th
AR1982-3 99th
AR1983-4 100th
AR1984-5 101st
AR1985-6 102nd
AR1986-7 103rd
AR1987-8 104th
AR1988-9 105th
AR1989-90 106th
AR1990-1 107th
AR1991-2 108th
AR1992-3 109th (105th)
AR1993-4 110th (106th)
AR1994-5 111th (107th)
AR1995-6 112th (108th)
AR1996-7 113th (109th)
AR1997-8 114th (110th)
AR1998-9 115th (111th)
AR1999-2000 116th (112th)
AR2001-2 118th (114th)
AR2002-3 119th (115th)
AR2003-4 120th (116th)
AR2004-5 121st (117th)
AR2005-6 122nd (118th)
AR2006-7+123rd *
MAA 2007-2008
MAA 2008-2009
MAA 2009-2010
MAA 2010-2011
MAA 2011-2012
MAA 2012-2013
MAA 2013-2014

MAA 2016-2017
MAA 2017-2018

The most recent annual report is also listed on the main Governance page.



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