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  • Dr Ali Clark: Affiliated Researcher

    aliAli Clark (MA, PhD) is an Affiliated Researcher with the Museum.
    Between 2018-2019 she was a Newton Trust Research Fellow with the Museum. Prior to that she was post-doctoral research associate on the ERC funded Pacific Presences: Oceanic Art and European Museums project (2013-2018). Ali completed an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Studentship (2009-2013) with King’s College London and the Department of AOA at the British Museum. Her PhD research reassessed collections of Tiwi and Yirandali artefacts held at the British Museum. She has worked on exhibitions and research projects at the British Museum, the October Gallery and the Inigo Rooms, and lectures at King’s College London and the University of Oxford Institute for Continuing Education.

    Her current research is dually focused on Kiribati, and Australia where she is interested in the contemporary resonance of historic museum collections, the revival of certain cultural practices, and ethnobotany.

    Selected publications:

    (2019) Resonant Histories: Pacific artefacts and the voyages of HMS
    Royalist 1890-1893. Sidestone Press: Leiden.

    (2018) with Howie, Charteris, Leckie and Watson. Many Hands, Many Voices: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Exhibiting Kiribati Coconut
    Fibre Armour. Journal of the Institute of Conservation.

    (2017) with Julie Adams and Polly Bence. Fighting Fibres: Kiribati Armour and Museum Collections. Sidestone Press: Leiden.

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