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Pratima of the Goddess Durga, donated by the Cambridge Indian Cultural Society in 2017. Made by Mintu Paul, Kolkata, 2007. MAA 2017.27.

From its foundation onwards, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has been the recipient of artefacts and collections generously donated by fieldworkers, collectors, members of the public and by a range of societies and institutions. In recent years, MAA has also been presented with important objects by Indigenous artists and communities.

Over 2020-24, staff will be engaged in the largest collections move in MAA’s history, which will encompass documentation, online access, conservation and public engagement alongside the physical move to a new collections study centre. Over this period, our capacity to accept and process donations, particularly of large collections, will be limited. We anticipate prioritising the acquisition of local archaeological finds, and artefacts and works of art linked with Museum research programmes and with our partnerships with Indigenous and local communities.

If you have an object or collection that you may wish to donate, please send images and details of where/when you acquired the artefact(s) to the relevant collections manager:

Imogen Gunn (Archaeology)
Rachel Hand (Anthropology)
Jocelyne Dudding (Photographs)

If you are unsure which department you should contact, or if the object(s) you are interested in donating range across multiple subject areas, please contact the Museum Administrator via email, by calling +44 (0)1223 333510, or by writing to:

The Museum Administrator
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3DZ

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