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The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology aims to provide the widest possible access to collections to the public, to members of communities represented in the collections, and to students and researchers. Our online catalogue can be accessed here. If you

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A new collections study centre for MAA

We are hugely excited to be embarking on the most ambitious collections project undertaken by MAA for generations: the rehousing of our off-site collections to a refurbished historic Cold War bunker in south Cambridge, where they will be more digitally

Another India

Explorations and Expressions of Indigenous South Asia
8 March 2017 to 22 April 2018
Li Ka Shing Gallery

A unique exhibition exploring the heritage of India’s minority Adivasi (‘original inhabitants’) or Indigenous communities through the collections of MAA.

Cambridge Rivers Project

The Cambridge Rivers Project (CRP) was launched in 1983 and is named after one of the founders of modern fieldwork anthropology, W.H.R. Rivers. It is dedicated to innovation and communication in anthropology. In particular it is concerned with collecting and

Cambridge Rivers Project Summer Programmes

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is proud to be co-hosting a series of international summer schools with the Cambridge Rivers Project in August 2015. The Cambridge Rivers Project, established in 1983 within the Department of Social Anthropology and Kings

River Stars Reindeer

Imaging Evenki & Orochen communities of Inner Mongolia & Siberia

Exhibition open 23 June – 27 September 2015

One hundred years ago the Russian ethnographer, Sergei Shirokogoroff and his wife Elizabeth, were invited to the snowforests of the Amur River to study the indigenous Evenki and Orochen peoples. In 1929 Cambridge’s own graduate, Ethel Lindgren and her soon to be husband Oscar Mamen, went in search of these ‘ little-known tribes’ as they were considered to be ‘fast dying out’. Together they amassed a considerable collection of 26,000 culturally and historically important photographs, the majority of which have never been seen, until now.

Zilan Wang: Research Associate

Zilan Wang is a research associate at MAA and executive director of the Cambridge Rivers Project (CRP). Her research interests cover East and South Asia (China and Greater Himalayan Area), focusing on collections history, material culture, visual anthropology, as well

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