Roundtable Discussion – South Africa: The Art of a Nation

27 October 2016: 5:30pm
Mill Lane Lecture Theatre 1


The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has organised a roundtable discussion between seven curators and academics, visiting from South Africa, to mark the opening of the British Museum’s autumn exhibition South Africa: the art of a nation.

Each speaker will talk briefly about one object from the exhibition, exploring the role of art in South Africa’s history through conversation with each another.

Ceri Ashley, University of Pretoria

Mbongiseni Buthelezi, Public Affairs Research Institute, Johannesburg

Carolyn Hamilton, University of Cape Town

Same Mdluli, Sosesame Gallery, Johannesburg

David Morris, McGregor Museum, Kimberley

Johnny van Schalkwyk, Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History, Pretoria

Justine Wintjes, University of Witwatersrand

The event will be followed by a reception at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology.

The event is generously supported by the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, the Centre of African Studies, and the Smuts Memorial Trust, and forms part of the conference The Pasts and Presence of Art in South Africa: Technologies, Ontologies and Agents, 28-29 October 2016.


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