Twilight at the Museums

There’s Something about MAA… Wednesday 17 February 2016, 4.30pm – 8.30pm There are some things big and some things tiny; some things tall and some things shiny. What will you find in MAA? Bring a torch, and try the Twilight

Australian ACCELERATE programme visitors to MAA

Solomon Booth with a Torres Strait Islander turtle-shell mask and warup drum collected by Alfred Haddon in 1888 and 1898.  MAA hosted two visitors in November who were recipients of Australia’s ACCELLERATE programme for 2013-2014. The programme offers intensive leadership

Blackfoot delegation visits the Museum

Left to right: Peter Loovers, Herman Yellow Old Woman, Carol Murray, John Murray, Alison Brown, Kent Ayoungman, Anita Herle, Rachel Hand, Alvine Mountain Horse, Narcisse Blood, Charlie Russell and Frank Weasel Head. Representatives from the Blackfoot Confederacy in Canada and

Educational and Cultural Exchange with Torres Strait Islander students

Delegation from Tagai State College in front of the Torres Strait display at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology on 13 November 2013. Left to right: Curator Anita Herle, Stephen Yamashia, Amelia Mari, Valent Kirk, Margaret Rishbeth (Haddon’s graddaughter), Zach

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