Sarah-Jane Harknett: Outreach Organiser

Sarah-Jane Harknett (BSc MA) has a background in Archaeology and Museum Studies. In her current role she develops, expands and promotes the Museum’s public events, special activities, outreach facilities and evaluation. She is an assistant leader for the Young Archaeologists’

Baron von Hügel

Anatole von Hügel Of mixed Austrian aristocratic and Scottish descent, Anatole von Hügel (1854-1928) spent his childhood in Italy, Belgium and England, and was no doubt stimulated by his father’s wide-ranging ethnographic, zoological and botanical interests, reflected in the ‘countless

Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook’s three voyages of 1768-1780 were of unparalleled importance for the history of exploration, anthropology, natural history and empire. They marked a new epoch in contacts between Europeans and Indigenous peoples across the Pacific Islands and around the

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