Yaqona cup Z 3323

[singlepic id=301 w=450 h=250 float=none]Yaqona cup, Bilo
Many of the men and women living at Government House adopted the practice of drinking yaqona regularly. Most of them owned their own mixing and drinking equipment, including bowls (tanoa) and cups (bilo).
Fiji. Given to A. von Hügel by Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua, November 1877. Z 3323

Yaqona soon became a nightly institution, a matted room was set apart for the purpose, where a number of the Native Constabulary prepared the drink and chanted their songs the while. The Governor frequently entertained some of the chiefs at yaqona, and the room being also used as a smoke room, these meetings were mostly very successful… Anatole von Hügel’s Journal, 3-8 August 1875.

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