The Fork’s Tale

Fijian cannibal forksThe Fork’s Tale, as narrated by Itself. The story of a nineteenth century Fijian ‘cannibal fork’ in the museum’s collections complete with drawings from its point of view.

Beautifully produced using old printing technologies and nineteenth century sewn binding techniques, chapters are limited editions, printed in two or three colours, depending on the chapter’s contents. The twelve installments, which have been written monthly throughout 2013, are now complete and available to purchase through the publisher LemonMelon.

In 2014 The Fork’s Tale, as narrated by itself will also be available in two other formats:

1) All chapters temporarily bound in an acid-free archival box

2) A hand bound copy in archival box-ply and linen thread bound in the coptic style with reference to Fijian aesthetic conventions

Available from LemonMelon and select retailers.


‘The Fork’s Tale’ is published by art book publishers LemonMelon and the project is supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts. It forms the final part of an existing Arts & Humanities Research Council project looking at the relationship between collections, collectors and the collected using both creative and more scholarly research methods.

To complement this publishing event, there is a monthly workshop throughout 2013 led by Alana Jelinek. Each month participants have the opportunity to write and draw from the point of view of objects in the museum’s collection. For more information about the progress of this experiment, please see the blog

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