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[singlepic id=300 w=250 h=450 float=none]Chiefly processions at Waikava
Long section of Tui Cakau’s train (Z 3862) examined by S. Hooper on the Museum’s lawn. Photographed by Gwill Owen, July 1979.

After he [Tui Cakau] had made a speech of welcome, and presented some whale’s teeth, the train was dropped… Many other chiefs went through the same ceremony according to their rank: the pile of masi left at the end was enormous.  Then a great roll of masi covered with mats was presented.  It took about a hundred men to carry it… Of course all these presents were afterwards divided up, and given to the visitors, who had some of them come long distances to attend the Council.
Alfred Maudslay, Life in the Pacific Fifty Years Ago, 1930.

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