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  • Tall Stories: Cannibal Forks

    cf15th September to 31st OctoberTall Stories: Cannibal Forks

    Alana Jelinek.

    The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology is pleased to present the second in a series of art exhibitions and interventions by AHRC Creative Fellow, Alana Jelinek.’Tall Stories: Cannibal Forks’ explores ideas of story-telling and knowledge; the facts we choose to learn and recount about others.Several objects owned and displayed by the museum are described as ‘cannibal forks’.

    The artwork is the culmination of work with museum staff, including collections managers, scholars, anthropologists, technicians and front of house staff, who were invited to tell stories of what they knew about the cannibal forks. They were also invited to learn how to make their own cannibal fork using traditional European green woodworking techniques (i.e. ‘bodging’) using native British woods.

    A film shows the construction of cannibal forks with a voiceover of various stories told about cannibal forks by people at the museum. The finished product, newly carved cannibal forks, are also on display.

    A second part of the artwork takes the idea of myth-making to other sites around the world as a type of ‘distributed protocol’, comparing truths and fragments of stories to bits of computer code. Alana Jelinek leads workshops on ‘cannibal forking’ empowering participants to make their own cannibal forks and distribute the knowledge through their own cannibal forking events.

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