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    Rock Art is an ongoing research project exploring the range, chronology, forms and contemporary meaning of Australian Rock Art from Arnem Land, Norther Australia.

    Fortunate circumstances – and good work by the first generation of field researchers – have provided an unusually strong framework for dating the long and varied repertoire of rock-art in Arnhem Land, north Australia: it is now one of the very few regional rock-art sequences with a clear relative and absolute chronology. With a range of evidence pertinent to date, it now becomes possible to explore – rather than to suppose – whether conventional guiding assumptions are true, whether a distinctive ‘style’ is in fact a good marker of date. And a clear chronology guides the varied approaches from informed knowledge and from formal methods which bind together in an integrated knowledge of a complex and highly informative rock-art region.

    For more information, see Dr Chippindale’s website.

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