Photo ‘My last walk’ P.100059.VH

[singlepic id=90 w=450 h=250 float=none]‘My last walk’
Von Hügel chose this image to illustrate his last walk in Fiji. The Baron walked the path from Government House in Nasova to the village ofTokou regularly. This view is taken from the cemetery of Levuka, located on a promontory a short distance from Nasova.
Tokou, Ovalau Island, Fiji. Photographed by F. Dufty, 1875-77. P. 100059.VH

Perhaps of all the miserable days I have ever had, this (but one) has been the most miserable. Leaving Fiji means another thorough break up to me: a new life to begin of which I know absolutely nothing. Fiji I leave behind knowing that even if I could return again, I should never see it as I have known it. And then those dear little friends crying on the wharf and bidding their last farewells to me. Never have I felt so much in my life. Baron Anatole von Hügel’s journal, 2 November 1877.

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