Photo Double-hulled canoe P.99803.VH

[singlepic id=287 w=450 h=250 float=none]Double-hulled canoe, Drua
One of the last great drua, named Navukinivanua (the turner of the land), probably in reference to the shift to colonial rule. Over 30 metres in length it has more than 100 people on board, including members of Cakobau’s family and his retainers. Its presentation by Cakobau to Lady Gordon did not indicate the transfer of exclusive ownership but was intended as a means of promoting ongoing relationships.
Nasova, Ovalau Island, Fiji. Presented to Lady Gordon by Cakobau, 20 November 1877. P.99803.VH

Cakobau landed, and Rachael [Lady Gordon], accompanied by Wilkinson, met him at the door of the dining-room and accepted the symbolic whale’s teeth. Then she offered her whales tooth, and begged him to “take care of the canoe for her, and use it.” He accepted the symbol, and she then sent a present of cloth, etc., on board for the crew. Sir Arthur Gordon’s notes, November 1877.

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