Object identification service

Object Identification Service

The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology provides a service for the identification of objects that fall within the scope of our collections and expertise. Every effort will be made to answer your enquiry as fully as possible. We regret we cannot provide valuations.

Due to the current closure of the Museum as part of our ongoing redevelopment process, we ask that anyone who would like to utilize our Object Identification Service should please contact us beforehand (preferably by email) to arrange an appointment. This will ensure that the appropriate member of staff is available to view the object as, owing to the building works, there is currently no storage space available for items to be left for further research. Please do not come to the Museum without an appointment as there is no guarantee that a member of staff will be available to look at your object.

If you believe your object is archaeological, please email Imogen Gunn ; if you believe it is anthropological, please email Rachel Hand ; for photographic enquiries please email Jocelyne Dudding. Please give a description of the object, including where it was found/purchased, what it is made of, and any other relevant information. Photographs of the object would be helpful but are not strictly necessary.

Portable Antiquities Scheme

Archaeological objects (over 300 years old) found in England or Wales can be identified and recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Their Cambridge office is at Shire Hall (01223 728571) and is always happy to help. Some finds may come under the Treasure Act 1996 and so legally have to be reported. Further details can be found on the Scheme’s website.

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