Hair combs


Object number: Z 13498 A.A, A.B, A.C

Description: Three wooden combs. A has ten prongs and a carved handle with tear-drop shaped hole in the middle.
B is a four-pronged comb with a carved, seated human figure on top. C has seven large prongs and a shaped handle. Leather twined round the top of prongs.

Cultural sub-group: Ora

Town: Sabongida/Sabongidda Ora

Measurements: A.A: 21.8 cm long, 6.6 cm wide, 0.9 cm high; A.B: 19.8 cm long, 5.1 cm wide, 1.6 cm high; A.C: 19.8 cm long, 6.9 cm wide, 0.7 cm high