Hair comb


Object number: Z 13462 A-C and another C

Description: Ugueba. Four wooden combs. A is a three pronged comb. B is a our pronged comb with moulded handle. One C has ten teeth and an openwork zig-zag shaped handle. There is a small hole at the end.
The other C comb has eight teeth and a plain handle with simple fishtail-shaped open work. The end of the handle is crescent shaped.

Cultural sub-group: Ora

Town: Sabongida/Sabongidda Ora

Measurements: A: 10.5 cm long, 3.5 cm wide, 0.6 cm high; B: 19.7 cm long, 4.7 cm wide, 1.4 cm high; C: 16.3 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, 0.9 cm high; C: 22.2 cm long, 6.2 cm wide, 1.2 cm high