Object number: Z 11873 x4

Description: Four wooden human figures. According to Dr. Ohioma Pogoson these ‘dolls’ are not children’s toys. One with shell inlaid eyes and a rectangular disc associated with Ose Sango, the magic wand of Sango the god of thunder in Yoruba land. Thomas describes this section as a headdress.
The second figure sports a string of beads consisting of glass red, blue, black and multi-coloured beads. A second string demarcates the neck area and consists of blue and black beads.
The cheeks of the third figure display two diagonal face markings. A large split in the wood is visible at the back of the figure.
Two raised cylinders extend from the front and the back of the head of the fourth figure, possibly resembling a headdress.

Cultural sub-group: Aviele

Town: Agbede

Measurements: 1: 44 cm long, 8 cm wide; 2: 27 cm long, 3.5 cm wide; 3: 37 long, 7 cm wide; 4: 29 cm long, 4.5 cm wide