Necklace 1931.203

[singlepic id=225 w=450 h=250 float=none]Necklace, Waseisei
Waseisei are formed of whale teeth cut into thin graduating tusks. They were popular throughout Western Polynesia and prized by Fijian chiefs.
Fiji. Collected by A. Maudslay, 1875-80. 1931.203

Whale ivory
Tongan and Samoan canoe-builders were also renowned for making whale ivory necklaces and breastplates. Obtained through exchange or from communities settled locally, these objects were highly valued by Fijian chiefs. The engineering of the different elements forming a breastplate demonstrates the high level of skills involved in their making. In some cases, the ties are invisible at the front, and concealed by small ivory pegs at the back. In the 19th century, breastplates and necklaces were sometimes exchanged at large gatherings called solevu.

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