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  • National Archaeology Week 2008

    Saturday 12 July, Tuesday 14 to Friday 18 July SOUNDS AMAZING

    Explore the archaeology of music with drop-in activities, lunch-time talks and demonstrations in the Museum.

    Saturday 12 July
    A full day of activities, hands-on activities and events. All free of charge

    11am to 12 noon   Live music from members of Cambridge Folk Club
    12 noon                   County Council art competition prize-giving
    12.30 to 12.50pm   Lunchtime talk with music archaeologist Dr Graeme Lawson,

    Digging Up Music’s Buried Past

    1.45 to 2.15pm       Performance by Dr Graeme Lawson,

    The Lyre: lost instrument of ancient civilisations

    2.15 to 2.40pm      Talk by Wendy Craig, Jazz and its Roots
    3 to 4pm                  Live Jazz in the galleries

    Lunchtime talks

    Tuesday 15 July 1pm
    Feeding Spouts and the Sound of the Universe: chank shells in music and social life
    Mark Elliott

    Wednesday 16 July 1pm
    Archaeology and the Origins of Music
    Iain Morley

    Thursday 17 July 1pm
    Secret Music: musical instruments from Oceania
    Lucie Carreau

    Friday 18 July 1pm
    Elizabeth Blake

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