MPhil in Archaeology (Archaeological Heritage Management and Museums)

Rapid developments both inside academic archaeology and in wider society are changing the entire context in which archaeology functions as a discipline.

The MPhil in Archaeology (Archaeological Heritage and Museums) focuses on a theoretical understanding of the complex issues involved, with practical examples used as case studies. The aim is to educate students within this expanding field and to activate further research.

The course comprises three series of lectures and seminars, which run concurrently:

The Socio-Politics of the Past raises issues concerning the relationship between the past and the present and between multiple interpretations and their contexts. It also tackles ethical questions and investigates the politics of the past.

Museums: History, Theory and Practice stresses the different contexts in which the past is created and presented. It looks at legal and administrative frameworks and discusses issues such as museological traditions, the ethics of collecting and diverse display techniques.

The Management of Archaeological Heritage focuses how we interact with, and influence, the past we create. It looks at the history of archaeological practice and follows its development up to the present, looking at current policies, issues and problems.

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