Dr Lucie Carreau: Senior Research Associate

LucieLucie Carreau (MA, PhD) is a post-doctoral research associate on the ‘Pacific Presences’ project.

Her research interests focus on Pacific ethnography, including the history of collecting and collections in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the relationships between private and public collecting and the role of objects in mediating relationships between Pacific Islanders and European visitors. She has previously been a researcher on the ‘Artefacts of Encounter’ and ‘Fijian art’ projects at MAA, and a collections assistant in anthropology at the Museum.

As part of the ‘Pacific Presences’ project, she is focusing on collections from the Solomon Islands, including Polynesian outliers such as Santa Cruz, Rennell & Bellona and Sikaiana. She is particularly interested by the missionary collections found at MAA (amongst others, those of Bishop Selwyn and William Chamberlain O’Ferrall) and the material brought back by the Templeton Crocker expedition in 1934. Her research will span MAA’s collections of objects, photographs and archives as well as other UK and European collections.

Selected bibliography:

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