Dr Johanna Zetterström-Sharp: British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow

Johanna Zetterström-Sharp (BA, MA, PhD) is a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow working on collections amassed at the end of the British Empire in Africa. Her research interests are currently focused on the way objects and their biographies can lead to new understandings of the experience and memory of decolonisation. She is also interested in heritage making and its relationship with the way the future is imagined by politicians and Born Again Christians, particularly in Sierra Leone where she has conducted most of her ethnographic fieldwork.

Johanna has worked as a Curator at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in South London since 2012 where she has been responsible for the African collections, leading towards a redisplay of the permanent gallery due to open in 2018. She has also taught Museum Studies to MA Students UCL, and acts as Gallery and Exhibition Reviews Editor for the Journal of Museum Ethnography.

 Selected publications:

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. 2016. Artist and Empire, Tate Britain, London. Journal of Museum Ethnography. Forthcoming.

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. 2015. Parade knife, Democratic Republic of Congo. In Jacobs, K., Knowles, C., Wingfield, C. (eds) Trophies, Relics and Curios? Missionary heritage in Africa and the Pacific.

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. 2014. Heritage as Future-Making: Aspiration and Common Destiny in Sierra Leone. International Journal of Heritage Studies. DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2014.973060

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. & Basu, P. 2014. Contemplating Culture for Development: ‘Dysfunctional Heritage’ in Sierra Leone. In Basu, P., & Modest, W. (eds) Museums, Heritage and International Development. Routledge: Pp. 39-82.

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. 2014. Fetish Modernity, Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm. Museum Worlds: Advances in Research 2: 184-189.

Zetterstrom-Sharp, J. 2013. The Future of Ethnographic Museums, The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford 19-21 July 2013. Conference Review. Anthropology Today 29 (6): 27.

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