Headrest Z 3665

[singlepic id=372 w=450 h=250 float=none]Headrest, Kali
This kali is formed of a circular bar of casuarina wood (nokonoko) on two wooden pairs of feet, inlaid with pieces of whale ivory. It was given to Anatole von Hügel by Adi Kuila, the daughter of Cakobau, the powerful chief of Bau.
Bau, Fiji. Presented to A. von Hügel by Adi Kuila, 20 April 1876. Z 3665

Chiefly ornaments
Increased access to sperm whale ivory in the early 19th century resulted in a proliferation of high-status ornaments associated with chiefs. They demonstrate the power of chiefs to obtain highly valued materials and control the production of specialist craftsmen.

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