Fan 1932.664

[singlepic id=137 w=450 h=250 float=none]Fan, Iri
This fan is part of a series of twenty collected by G. K. Roth in Tailevu. Four illustrate the various stages of manufacture, from the very beginning to near completion. The remainder (of which eight are shown here) display the many variations obtained with identical materials and techniques. Roth provided the following note:

Fans, set of 16, to illustrate different designs… The body of the fans is made of strips of coconut leaflet. The black colour is obtained by burying the leaflets in black mud for 4 days. The handles are bound with sennet [coir]. The black colour in the sennet is obtained as described above. Other colours such as green and heliotrope are dyes which may be bought at an [sic] European store.
Tailevu, Viti Levu, Fiji. Collected by G. K. Roth, 1932. 1932.664

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