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  • Descent into the Ark

    Half-day research meeting. Saturday 9th May

    May 2009 is the 125th birthday of MAA Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology. On 4 May 1884, a grand gathering of national and University dignities opened the ‘Museum of Classical and General Archaeology’ in a new building near Peterhouse. Here were united three collections: the general archaeology collections of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, the ethnological collections of Baron Anatole von Hügel, and the Classical casts from the Fitzwilliam.

    ‘Descent into the Ark’ is a half-day research-meeting of specialised talks which will explore the history of that event: What were these disparate collections? Why had they been collected? Why were they brought together? What did they have in common? Why there? Why then? By what agendas, open and hidden? Why did they later part when the casts went their own way, separate from the other two collections? This meeting will be held in the Faculty of Classics (Sidgwick Avenue) where the casts are now in their own Museum of Classical Archaeology.


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