Dance paddle 1920.361

[singlepic id=307 w=250 h=450 float=none]Dance paddle, Paki
In April 1876, some Nasova residents attended a day of celebrations and dance on the island of Bau. One of the events was a Tongan paddle-dance performed by 125 women and led by Adi Kuila, daughter of Cakobau, after which she gifted her paddle to young ‘Jack’ Hamilton-Gordon.
Bau, Fiji. Given to G. A. M. Hamilton-Gordon by Adi Kuila, April 1876. 1920.361

[Adi Kuila] presented Jack with her paddle, which is a particularly nice one, with the name ADI ARIETA KUILA, BAU cut upon it. Jack then consented to sit on her knee, and said that he did like Andi Kuila. He was delighted with the Paddle. Nevil [Sir Arthur’s daughter] had one given her afterwards, and I hear her singing her little paddle mekes with a flower stuck behind each ear. Lady Gordon’s letter to her sister, May 1876.

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