The museum makes loans for the following reasons:

• to make MAA’s collections more widely accessible;
• to further research, knowledge, and understanding of MAA’s collections;
• to maintain and extend MAA’s curatorial and research partnerships with universities, museums and cultural institutions, within the UK and internationally.

Formal approval by MAA’s Governing Body, the Museum Committee of the Faculty of Human, Social and Political Sciences is required for all loans outside of the University of Cambridge, at least twelve months in advance.

Preliminary Enquiries

Institutions wishing to request a loan are advised to read our Loans Procedure in advance of making a request, and to ensure any subsequent loan application is submitted well in advance of the notice period required.

Initial expressions of interest should be addressed to

A response will typically be received from the relevant Collections Manager, who will provide guidance as well as the MAA Loan Application Form, completion of which is necessary to proceed with a loan application.

For large requests, it is imperative that prospective borrowers contact the Museum to discuss the proposed loan well in advance of the required notice period. MAA staff may be able to suggest alternatives if objects are considered unsuitable for loan.

Basic details of MAA’s collection are available to search online; further details can be obtained from the relevant Collections Manager.