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Göttingen Visit
25- 27 July 2011

Arawa visitors in Cambridge

June 2011

Cook collections: research breakthrough at the British Museum

Cook First Voyage collections: research visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum

Ngai Tamanuhiri in Cambridge

September 2010

Sainsbury Research Unit collaboration

Funding excellence

August 2010

Pacific Arts Association Xth International Symposium

DiSCO Workshop

July 2010

Research seminar: Digital Subjects, Cultural Objects

June 2010

Introductory talk for TATAU: Symmetry, Harmony and Beauty

MAA hosts Semisi Fetokai Potauaine

EXHIBITION – Tatau: Samoan Tattooing / Global Culture

January 2010

Visit to Uawa


Jack Brooking at Kura Gallery, Auckland
Billie Lythberg, November 2012

Photos by Billie Lythberg, courtesy of Jack Brooking and Kura Gallery

During Toi Hauiti’s visits to Florence, the British Museum and MAA in September 2012, carver Jack Brooking was particularly interested in the distinctive painted hoe (paddles) now thought to have been collected by Cook as a single set off Whareongaonga in 1769.

In response to examining and handling these hoe, Jack prepared a ‘painted paddle’ for a group exhibition at Kura Gallery in Auckland. Carved from white kanuka wood, the hoe featured a distinctively carved butt and grip, and a blade overlaid with intricately cut coloured laminate.