Digital Research Environment

In order to manage the wealth of widely dispersed data (objects, archives, images) relating to the voyages, we are building a digital research environment – named KIWA after the great Polynesian navigator – through a series of active collaborations with holding institutions, scholars and Polynesian communities.

KIWA is designed to enable the sharing of data and research insights among a geographically dispersed project team (based in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil) as well as (subject to institutional consent) between research and curatorial staff at a range of similarly dispersed institutions holding related collections. Selected material, with appropriate permissions, will later be published on this website.

The aim is to expose variations in patterns of exchange among different island groups as well as between different voyages over time. Such a comparative approach will enable new research conclusions to be drawn not only about the voyages themselves and their immediate aftermath, but about the different trajectories of first imperial, then (post)-colonial relationships.